Humble Richard


  • Anno pubblicazione: 1989
  • Editore: Magna Books
  • EAN: 1854220357
  • Soggetti: Scienze soc militari, Guerra
  • Peso (Kg): 1.0
  • Catalogo: Libri Antichi

Note Bibliografiche

In-4, cartonato editoriale, sovracoperta, pp. 192, con numerose illustrazioni in bianco e nero e a colori, in lingua inglese. In buono stato (good copy). "Warfare in the Middle Ages charts the history and development of conflict from the prolonged death throes of the late Roman Empire to the final flowering of chivalry during the Renaissance period. The great innovations in the conduct of warfare in the Middle Ages, particularly in the fields of firepower and tactics, are covered in depth. For much of the period horsemen dominated the battlefield but by the end of the era infantrymen, whether English longbowmen, Swiss pikemen or Spanish musketeers, were again emerging as a potent military force. Each chapter of Warfare in the Middle Ages evaluates the weapons and tactics of the period's major wars, looks at the organization of the rival combatants and analyses the genius of the great commanders. The key battles of the Middle Ages are also studied, from the epic defence of Rome by Belisarius, the Byzantine Empire's greatest general, to the triumph of controlled firepower over knightly courage at the Battle of Pavia in 1525. Warfare in the Middle Ages is a must for any dedicated military enthusiast. Combining an authoritative text with more than 300 illustrations, many in colour, it is a highly readable and informative account of a fascinating age in the history of warfare.".

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